13: MR2 Current Standing

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Since July 2014, I have been the owner of a 1998 Toyota MR2, MK2 revision 5, JT163 SW2 3S-GE GT-i, 1998cc 16v 125kw, naturally aspirated, transverse mid-rear inline-four, 5-speed manual, rear wheel drive, 1151kg 2-door coupé in Cosmos Blue. And I love it. Having first seen pictures of these cars in 2011, I knew I had to get myself one. And though I couldn't afford the cost at that time, it didn't stop me researching and looking. During 2013, after putting in a lot of overtime during an agency contract, I decided to have another look. After a year, I found the one I now own.

I'm not able to turn this vehicle in to a project car at the moment, due to zero funds, so for now I'm only looking at the simple things; servicing and upgrading anything that may be required. I would love to strip the car bare and completely rebuild it. That would teach me a lot about how the car works, and would allow me to customise everything from the shell to the wiring.

Since owning the vehicle, I have been working on cleaning it up, repairing any faults and servicing necessary areas each year. I am also working on cleaning and coating all of the surface rust with Por-15 and Tetraseal.

Due to the original oil sump pan becoming porus, I replaced the pan and added stainless bolts to tidy everything up. I have also replaced the bent front impact bar, and added stainless mounting bolts.

For stopping power, I have OEM front and rear brake discs, and I upgraded to Carbotech XP8 brake pads. To set the wheels off nicely, I added new lock nuts and added a set of correctly sized Toyo Proxes t1-r tyres.

To help with gear changes, I replaced the worn gear cable bushes with delron counter-parts. I also cleaned the throttle body and added Silicone vacuum hoses.

With the original radiator losing its core, and eventually leaking, I had to tackle the replacement sooner than I had planned. I opted for a complete refresh, with a lightweight aluminium, large capacity race unit, silicone hoses and a complete flush with a mix of distilled water and Toyota long-life red coolant.

I replaced a faulty alternator and a snapped belt a few months later; and replaced the snapped aerial mast.

This work covers up to the end of 2016.

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